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College to Corporate Program - Workplace Communication

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
This module offers a set of topics that enhances the ability of participants to function efficiently and with integrity.

About This Course

The modern workplace is a highly professionalized space that is characterized by greater diversity, and that requires enhanced skills related to team work, professional communication, and adherence to certain ethical standards. All of these go beyond standard definitions, and require the acquisition of specific skills that are not taught in colleges. The Workplace Communication Skills module will focus on enhancing capabilities related to professional conduct, presentation skills, active participation in meetings, email and social media, gender and diversity, and global and cultural awareness.

College students in India are given training in selected subjects within the sciences, arts, and commerce, and obtain a few other skills depending on how well the colleges are equipped. Due to low abilities of families to provide support facilities such as computers or laptops, and a majority of students being first or second generation learners, students who graduate with a degree are not always able to find good jobs, despite high motivation, native ability, and competence in their respective subjects. Students from middle class and elite backgrounds thus tend to have an advantage in obtaining jobs in the corporate sector. This course seeks to address this gap by providing exposure and training for students to adjust and adapt well in a corporate environment. The topics and activities are designed to address key competencies that are essential to survive and perform well in today’s corporate world. Young students seeking jobs in today’s world need an awareness of the cultural diversity of the workplace, the global work cultures, issues related to gender equity, and a basic sense of ethics and integrity. These are over and beyond other essential skills that include presentation skills, effective and appropriate use of email and social media, active participation in meetings and contribution to teams, team work, communication with peers, managers, customers, and clients, and over professional conduct. The module on Workplace Communication is designed to address all of these topics, so that candidates can develop a higher level of self-awareness, and appropriate skills to adapt and perform effectively in the contemporary workplace.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Professional conduct and communication in the modern workplace
  • Office communication: Oral and written; emails, minutes, briefing, notes, presentation skills
  • Non-verbal communication and human gestures
  • Gende rand diversity skills; global and cultural competence
  • Workplace ethics


Preliminary Computer Literacy (Basic Operations, Web Browsing) and Teaching experience

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Course Staff

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Prof. D Parthasarathy

D Parthasarathy has been on the faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of IIT Bombay, and is currently the Head of the Department. He teaches courses related to Sociology, Development Studies, Research Methods and Social Statistics, Research Ethics, and Urban Studies. His research presently focuses on urban informality, transnational urbanism, legal pluralism and resource governance, malnutrition, and vulnerability to climate / disaster risks. He has been teaching and conducting workshops on communication skills since 2003 at the Institute and Department level, and in other research and educational institutions in India.

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Dr Meghashri Dalvi

Dr Meghashri Dalvi graduated from VJTI in Electrical Engineering. After 8 years with Siemens as Design Manager, she did her MBA from UK, and later PhD (Management) from Mumbai. With special training from LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce & Industry) in Business Communication, she has been practicing, managing, and researching Technical and Business Communication for the last 18+ years. She regularly shares her Industry knowledge with Management, Research, and Technical Communication Students as well as Corporate Groups. Her research papers are published in International Journals of Management and Technology. Focus Area for Research: Technical Communication, Business Communication, HR Management, Entrepreneurship Management

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Prof. Varsha Aapte

Professor Apte is part of the Systems and Networking Group (SYNERG) of the CSE Department. Her research focus within this group is in performance modeling and management of distributed applications. The sub-group comprising of her and the students she advises is called PANDA (Performance mANagement of Distributed Applications). Professor Apte’s core interest and expertise is in solving performance modeling and management problems using Queuing Systems and other Stochastic Models. Whenever possible, she prefers applying rigorous analytical techniques for analysis and control of performance, rather than empirical techniques. She likes to build tools that facilitate and simplify the process of applying such techniques. Over the last nearly 20 years, she has worked in overload control of Web servers, Wireless LAN performance models, control theoretic QoS control of Wireless LAN and Web servers, performance modeling and measurement multi-tier data center applications. Her current interests are in applying her core skills to performance modeling and management of virtualized systems, clouds, and power managed systems.

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Prof. Rajesh Zele

Rajesh Zele is faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. His research focuses on RF, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits for Communication Applications. Prof. Zele has more than a decade of experience in industry and was the Director at MaxLinear, developing the next generation CMOS RF and Mixed-Signal SOCs for Digital Cable and Satellite Communications. He has also served as the Vice President of MindTree, leading the team for Bluetooth and short range wireless transceivers. He founded the startup Alereon Semiconductors in Pune to develop ultra-wideband RF ICs for Wireless USB products. Before Alereon, he was the Director of Engineering at Zilker labs developing power management products. He established Austin Design Center for the startup FET and managed the technical team responsible for 10Gbps optical networking products. Prof.Zele has extensive background in wireless transceivers at Motorola, where he was IC design manager for the Talk-About radio platform. He has presented talks at various IEEE conferences and symposiums, and has written over 20 papers, co-authored a book chapter and holds 8 US patents. Prof.Zele received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, M.S. from Oregon State University, and is also a Senior Member of IEEE.

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Prof. Ambarish Kunwar

Ambarish Kunwar is a faculty in the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering at IIT Bombay since 2012. Prior to joining IIT Bombay he was a faculty in Physics at IIT Gandhinagar. His research area is Biophysics and Computational Biology. At IIT Bombay, he teaches courses in Biology, Electronics and Instrumentation, and Mathematics for biologists. He has also been contributing to the institute level Communication Skills course since 2014.

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Dr. Leena Jha

Leena Jha is a freelance Business Communication consultant and a Visiting Professor at IIT Bombay. Her graduate studies introduced her to the polarities in the academic environment and sensitized her to the discrepancies in the social firmament. Her interactions during workshops with corporate houses, institutes of hospitality management and IIT Bombay, helped her analyse the areas of prime concern thus providing a practical dimension to her sessions. Her career is devoted to encouraging enthusiastic learning with confidence building at its core. She has been working at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, since July 2008. She has been conducting EMBA classes and has recently held sessions for CEP as well. She has also been involved with the admission process at SOM. Also, she has worked with the HSS department and conducted communication classes for all post graduate students at IIT Bombay.

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    Sep 07, 2017
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    Nov 12, 2017